British agency owner buys Polish newspaper ad to help smooth Brexit negotiations

Michael Moszynski.

A British citizen and agency owner has taken the unusual step of running an ad in a leading Polish newspaper to help smooth the path to a constructive Brexit deal in the interests of the people of Britain, Poland and the EU.

Michael Moszynski, chief executive and founder of London Advertising, whose Polish father fought for six years under British command in WW2, is seeking to aid mutual understanding between the peoples and Governments of UK and Poland. His specific objective is to ask the Polish people to sign an online petition urging their Government to pressure the EU to accept a British Government proposal on protecting the rights of EU and British nationals living abroad ahead of the formal negotiations. Moszynski also hopes to encourage the EU and Britain to agree a mutually beneficial trade deal, including a visa arrangement allowing more Poles to work in Britain.

Speaking about his initiative, Moszynski said: “I am British man with a Polish name and heart, if not tongue, who supported Brexit. However I am very conscious that the current uncertainty on the rights of foreign nationals is creating considerable concern for the 1 million Poles who have settled in the UK since 2004. There is also uncertainty facing British nationals living in Europe so this needs to be a recipricol agreement at the start of the negotiations not a bargaining chip in the hands of the EU.

“I wanted to empathise with the Polish community and show them people in Britain do care and at the same time show the British people our common history of fighting for each others’ freedom. Voting in a free election is the epitome of our freedom: Poland voted to join the EU and Britain voted to leave.”

Moszynski continued: “I also wanted to demonstrate that the action of an individual can have an effect in politics and if this inspires just one other person to do something to help smooth relations between Britain and the EU as we negotiate our future trading relationship then that can only be a good thing. It is in everyone’s interests for both the EU and Britain to prosper going forwards.”

The ad ran yesterday (5 June) in the influential Polish newspaper Dziennek Gatezeta Prawna, on the anniversary of the first post-WWII free elections in Poland in 1989.

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