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What is The Drum Design Census?

The Drum Design Census provides a comprehensive review of the UK’s most effective branding and design agencies, highlighting the key players, trends and growth in the sector. The research is conducted by The Drum in partnership with the Recommended Agency Register, and ranks UK design agencies based on their financial performance and client satisfaction.

What’s in the report?

  • Analysis of trends across the design industry
  • Profiles of the agencies that are featured in the polls

Why participate?

  • Highlight yourself as one of the UK’s leading design & branding firms
  • To benchmark yourself against your peers
  • Appearing in both the financial and client polls provides the opportunity to be featured in our 'elite' tables as an all-round high performer

Who is eligible?

  • Any agency offering primarily design & branding services, headquartered in the UK is eligible, regardless of size
  • You must be an RAR recommended agency at the time of publication in order to appear in the client polls

Who reads it?

  • The report is circulated to clients throughout the UK
  • Extracts are published by The Drum in a dedicated supplement
  • The results will also be publicised via The Drum website and through twitter

How do the client satisfaction polls work?

The client satisfaction research will be carried out in partnership with Recommended Agency Register (RAR).

  • To enter the client polls, you can nominate a number of clients to rate your agency via the RAR site. Further information about the RAR ratings process and becoming RAR recommended can be found on the RAR website.

  • If you are not registered on RAR you may create an account here. We suggest you invite at least six clients. Alternatively we will use the information you provide as a part of the survey to create an RAR account for you. We will then invite your clients to rate your agency, after which you will gain full control of the RAR account.

  • If you are already registered on RAR your ratings for design services will be counted if they are valid until 30 April 2016 . However, you can boost your client satisfaction score by obtaining new ratings. If you are not recommended until at least 30 April 2016, we would encourage you to invite client references now to ensure you appear in the report.

What will happen next?

  • We will analyse the data, and create rankings of the top design agencies across our main dimensions (financial performance and client satisfaction)
  • If you rank highly in the polls, we may contact you to ask for further information to support the editorial content of the report
  • The report will be published in April 2016

How to Enter

This is what you need to do by Friday 12 February:
Complete the online survey by providing:

  • Company details
  • Financial information (turnover and fee income for your two most recent financial years)
  • Client information
  • Information about your agency’s last year in business

Agency Survey

You can enter your agency through this form.

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Need some help?

If you have any questions about putting your agency forward for The Drum Design Census, please get in touch with a member of our research team using the contact details below: