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I heart Wines: I heart Wines by Bray Leino

Agency: Bray Leino
Date: Jun 2017
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In a cluttered, complicated, sometimes even pretentious category, i heart Wines has a compelling proposition: reliably delicious, varietal-led wines that speak your language and won’t break the bank.

What’s not to love?

Not much, it turns out. Since launching in 2011, the brand’s impressive sales have rocketed them into the top 20 UK wine brands, but despite this success, brand awareness remained low. i heart came to Bray Leino for a campaign that would grow the love in 2017 and beyond.

The audience, women in their late 20s, tend to choose their wine right there in the aisle, based on price and varietal. i heart scores highly on impulse buys because products like i heart Pinot Grigio and i heart Prosecco cleverly simplify this decision.

And hence the insight: i heart Wines is for people who know what they love.

From this, we developed a beguilingly simple idea that plays off the brand name, raising awareness without compromising on charm.

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Chief executive officer: Kate Cox

Marketing manager: Lucy Auld

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