Is omnichannel here already? The Drum launches webinar to find out


The Drum, in association with Criteo and iProspect, will host a webinar on how the reality of omnichannel shopping is here now, and how brands can better understand consumer behaviour to engage with these shoppers.

The webinar, The Omnichannel Opportunity, taking place on 8 June, will explore the potential of omnichannel shoppers and how brands can identify and develop meaningful relationships with customers.

Creating a customer journey strategy has always been a challenge for brands but it has now become even more complicated to identify consumer buying signals with the emergence of new shopping behaviours such as ‘webrooming’ where consumers research online to buy offline and ‘showrooming’ when consumers browse in store to later go and buy the same item online.

Part of the value in the omnichannel opportunity is simply connecting these online and offline purchases, but the greater value is linking the holistic shopping journey to a seamless experience for the shopper. Forrester Research expects that while $150bn more will be spent online between now and 2018, it is expected that $300bn more will be spent offline at the same time. In addition, 93% of sales today still happen physically in-store and is expected to account for 80% by 2025.

So how can brands refine their omnichannel shopper strategy to stand out in the market? In the webinar, speaker Nicole Kivel, sales director for brand solutions at Criteo, will reveal how brands need to follow the shopper: by viewing retail locations as an advantage, by focusing on “shopper marketing” versus “channel marketing” and by utilising online technologies that facilitate omnichannel development.

Register for the webinar by clicking here.

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