Pokemon Go marks first birthday with data-powered outdoor ads in Tokyo, London and New York

Pokemon Go shows of the legendary monsters of New York

Niantic is celebrating the one year anniversary of its augmented reality mobile game, Pokemon Go, a year in which the game inarguably brought AR technology into the hands of consumers.

Marking the waypoint, Wieden+Kennedy has embraced outdoor advertising to promote the game where it is played, in the great outdoors. The international campaign is touching down in ‘Top Trainer Cities’ to make use of local, real time data gathered via the app.

“With over 16M Pokémon caught in New York, 17.5M in London and 32.2M in Tokyo just yesterday, we felt that the best way to celebrate these local communities would be to publish these stats and call out these awesome cities.

“Many of these billboards have been activated as PokéStops in the game, allowing Trainers to engage with them to collect valuable items. Of course, there are many more cities and Trainers to celebrate out there and we plan to honor them in the days and weeks ahead.”

The game is often credited as an innovator, both of location marketing and augmented reality technology. Niantic has partnered with brands such as Costa and McDonald’s have in the past signed on as brand partners, transforming their outlets into PokeStops.

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