Ad of the Day: Mercado McCann urges people to let go of old appliances with ‘Euthanasia’ campaign for Philco

Mercado McCann gently taps into the controversial concept of euthanasia to create its first campaign for home appliance brand Philco, by encouraging consumers to put their tired toasters, washing machines and radios to rest.

With a touch of dark humour and an abundance of visual metaphors, the Argentinian ad agency shows faulty appliances being ‘unplugged’ for the very last time, suggesting that people all too often fail to acknowledge when they ought to turn these everyday objects off for good.

A croaky, weary-sounding voice explains the benefits of letting broken appliances go as the ad aims to highlight the advantages of a brand new Philco appliance with the contrasting strapline at the end: ‘Technology to be lived’.

"Brand communication must encompass a share of realism and commitment, and this TV campaign not only presents that, but also raises some ideas to reflect on,” said Marcelo Romeo, marketing and communications manager of Philco in Argentina.

“We know it is a strong bet and we are very pleased with the result. Mercado McCann was able to give the brand a tone of voice and a narrative according to Philco’s brand history and portfolio.”

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